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Doplnkove smajliky na skype

3. července 2007 v 12:42 | Lilly22 |  Posledný šuflík
Vyzera to tak ze vyrobcovia skypu nam tieto smajliky zatajili. No preco asi:D Tu su aj s tym ako sa pisu:

Skrytí Skype smajlíci od verze 2.5(bandit)
(headbang) (banghead)
(smoke) (smoking) (ci)

Skrytí Skype smajlíci od verze 3(bug)

Toto mate vlajky vsetkych statov. Nemam ich obrazky ale dufam ze nevadi:
(flag:bg) (flag:gb) (flag:cz) (flag:fr)(flag:sk)
(flag:an) (flag:bs) (flag:gr)(flag:no) (flag:hr)
(flag:ml) (flag:cx)(flag:bd)(flag:re) (flag:sc)(flag:dk)
(flag:bf) (flag:tn)(flag:cz) (flag:gt) (flag:sl) (flag:sk)
(flag:de) (flag:pg) (flag:fr)(flag:dk) (flag:ml) (flag:bt)
(flag:cr)(flag:vc) (flag:sa) (flag:it)(flag:ve)(flag:np)
(flag:kn) (flag:gh)(flag:ge) (flag:bt) (flag:an)(flag:il)
(flag:pr) (flag:tr) (flag:ag)(flag:us) (flag:pk)(flag:td)
(flag:ir)(flag:ru) (flag:mr) (flag:ne)(flag:mk) (flag:ie)
(flag:km) (flag:sg)(flag:eg) (flag:ir) (flag:ci)(flag:ps)
(flag:sr) (flag:lb) (flag:cv)(flag:mu) (flag:tw) (flag:er)
(flag:se)(flag:so) (flag:gy) (flag:tr)(flag:ch) (flag:vi)
(flag:fi) (flag:bs)(flag:pl) (flag:in)(flag:lk) (flag:nc)
(flag:mc)(flag:hu) (flag:ne)(flag:tk) (flag:tz) (flag:dm)
(flag:zm) (flag:cv)(flag:uz) (flag:gb)(flag:br)(flag:ne)
(flag:bg)(flag:ma) (flag:gf)(flag:gr) (flag:bn)(flag:sg)
(flag:cm) (flag:es)(flag:nr) (flag:se)(flag:kr) (flag:tg)
(flag:sd)(flag:jp) (flag:ke)(flag:tm) (flag:au)(flag:si)
(flag:ar) (flag:gn)(flag:ba) (flag:mm)(flag:bi) (flag:as)
(flag:ag)(flag:mn) (flag:md)(flag:pe) (flag:mg)

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